About Us

Our History

Mister Softee Inc. was founded by two brothers, William and James Conway, in 1956. On St. Patricks day of that year, Bill and Jim took their first truck and gave out green colored ice cream in the neighborhoods of West Philadelphia. By 1958 the company had outgrown the building in Philadelphia and moved to the current location in Runnemede, NJ. It is at this location that Mister Softee transforms plain trucks into Americas' most recognizable mobile ice cream vendor.

Our Trucks

Mister Softee utilizes the latest automotive and equipment technologies to produce a complete ice cream stand on wheels. The customized truck body is made from rust free aluminum and is powered by the new General Motors Vortec engine. The ice cream is delivered via a high efficiency Electro Freeze soft serve machine and many of the other components are custom made specifically for Mister Softee. We have maintained a high standard for automotive quality for over 60 years and we will continue to use only quality vehicles with that signature Mister Softee style.

Our Jingle

We are certain you have heard our jingle. You may even hum the tune on hot summer days without even realizing it. Did you know that that catchy little tune actually has words? We have posted the sheet music to our jingle in our “Softee Fun Zone”. Be sure to check it out while you browse our Website.

Drivers Wanted

Mister Softee is a franchise organization with over 600 trucks operating in 15 states. Many of our franchisees own multiple trucks and often have openings for drivers on a seasonal basis. This can be an excellent for a college student or anyone who wants to make money. If you like people, have a clean driving record (NO DWI !!!) and like to be paid based on production, contact us for your local franchisee's name.

Please note this is a posting service provided by Mister Softee Inc. to assist franchise dealers in obtaining drivers. All persons should be aware they will be working for an independent franchisee and not for Mister Softee Inc. This can be an excellent opportunity for college Students!

Nutritional Information

CLICK HERE to download a PDF containing nutritional information.