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Get in on the fun

Back in 1956 soft ice cream was a big hit with the public, being sold exclusively in roadside stands and restaurants until Mister Softee took to the road with the first mobile truck unit.

Proud to be the industry leader
Since that first Mister Softee truck started spreading smiles, the growth of Mister Softee has skyrocketed. Mister Softee is America’s oldest and largest franchisee of soft ice cream trucks. You’ll find hundreds of Mister Softee soft ice cream trucks from coast to coast, owned and operated by proud entrepreneurs just like you.

What does Mister Softee’s recipe for success mean for franchisees?
Experience & Stability: With over 62 years of success behind the Mister Softee name, you can be assured it’s not a passing fad.

Brand Power: Mister Softee is a powerful brand name with a high level of recognition.

Strength & Size: Mister Softee is the largest operator of soft ice cream trucks, known for its stability. We currently have 625 franchised trucks in 18 states.

Dependable & Supportive: You can count on Mister Softee for speedy delivery of affordable supplies and parts.

Outstanding Financing: We can arrange for up to 75% financing to help you use your capital for the business and help the business pay for itself.

Protected Market Area: To insure success, we ensure that each franchisee has a defined marketing area.

Advertising and Promotion: We promote Mister Softee to build brand strength and boost sales.

Training: No experience necessary. We give you complete training for operating, setting up your route and serving your customers.

Mobile Unit: So you can go where the business is!

With Mister Softee, YOU have got unlimited potential!

Many of our dealers who started with one successful unit, have expanded into ownership of multiple fleets. They are prosperous, popular business people, well known and respected in their communities.

If you’d like to become a Mister Softee Franchisee, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Am I dissatisfied with my job?
  • Do I want more independence and control over my life?
  • Do I have more potential?
  • Am I a motivated, self-starter?
  • Am I willing to work hard during the busy ice cream season?

If you answered YES to these questions, you’re ready to move forward to the next step.